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Old motorcycle exhibition
In the beginning there was a motorcycle,
and the motorcycle became a collection and dwelt in "Cyziówka".
The passion has always been there, so the first motorcycle appeared, followed by another and another. The collection grew more and more, but still something was missing... We already know what! Passion is the most rewarding when it can be shared with others!

That is why we have renovated the motorcycles, taken care of the original parts and even built a new building. This is where we invite you – to an Old Motorcycle Exhibition! We have more than 95 motorcycles from Germany, the USA, France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. You can see BMW, Zundappa, Harley-Davidsons, Junaks and many others...

Our dream is for the exhibition not only to be viewed, but that it functions in various aspects. Firstly, a return to the past – what was visible on the streets in the 60s or 70s, what your grandfather rode or what you yourself rode. Secondly, experience – for example, you can see one of the motorcycles from all sides, touch it, check it, and even sit on it and take a photo. Thirdly, education – an audio guide is available at the exhibition, thanks to which you can learn a large piece of history. Moreover, you can learn how engines work on educational models, and during our prepared classes the youngest generation will learn a bit about the past, traffic and the functioning of vehicle propulsion.

Both individuals and groups are welcome!

bilet normalny – 19 zł
reduced ticket ¬– PLN 10
group ticket over 25 people – PLN 10/person
children under 7 – free entrance


Schools, organized groups – times to be scheduled individually

We want the Old Motorcycle Exhibition to be alive. We want it to be a meeting venue for fan clubs, motorcycle conventions, thematic events...
And we are prepared for such occasions – we have a huge parking lot, people, equipment, devices, and enough space to organize additional attractions, as well as provide accommodation.


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